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The Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) Worker Protection Standard (WPS) went into effect as of January 1, 1995. The WPS is a federal law that was put into place to help protect workers on agricultural establishments (including farms) from overexposure to pesticides.

The WPS spells out specific responsibilities of employers and businesses involved with the sale, use, and application of pesticides. One responsibility we, as a custom applicator, have is to provide you with certain information about the pesticides we apply on your land. This is called Information Exchange.

Under WPS, all farmers who use or have pesticides custom applied and have non-family member workers, must comply with the Worker Protection Standard.
  • Notify workers of pesticide applications that are within 1/4 mile of where they will be working.
  • Provide personal protective equipment (PPE) for all workers.
  • Provide decontamination sites for workers and handlers.
  • Provide transportation to medical facilities when required.
  • Train all workers and handlers you employ. (Required every five years.)
  • Post a safety poster and WPS information in a central location for the pesticide applications made on your land.
  • If the label requires posting signs, they must be displayed at all entrances or corners of field. Signs must not be displayed more than 24 hours before the scheduled application and must be removed within 3 days of REI expiring.

The link below is a copy of WPS Information Exchange sheets for products that we normally handle. You must keep these available for future reference. These sheets, along with the date and site of the application, supply information that the WPS requires you to relay to your employees.

Click on this link for the WPS Summary

As a full service dealer, we strive to help you with all of your farming needs. We are supplying you with informatin to help you comply with the requlation. As an added service you can purchase the PPE that is required for safe handling of pesticides through PGP.

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